Judgment against Russian crook to be enforced in Israel

Big loses to Dahari and Adiv for Yishpro, Modi’in: “bad faith and unclean hands”

Nachum Bitan: the Phoenix and Rodav sabotaged competing offers

Minority shareholders in Export Investment Company Ltd. against the Shoval family: “Poor management, inflated expenses and a work arrangement for their son”

Gazit Globe: in his house in Savion, during negotiations, Eyal Lapidot attempted to poach our managers

A class action against the cellular companies was dismissed due to the structure of the oversee packages

Lawsuit against art dealer Ronald Fuhrer

Two years after filing a sizable law suit against Ilan Ben-Dov and officers in Suny- Guy Gissin withdraws his claim

Shareholders dispute in the Kfir Elevators group

Drama in the dispute over the Dorad power station: the Supreme Court disqualified Gerstel from serving as arbitrator

Giant claim: Israel Chemicals is suing IBM for 1.1 billion NIS for a failed project

Drama in the Dorad arbitration: Request to Disqualify arbitrator Hila Gerstel

Judge Kabub harnessed American law to protect companies trading simultaneously in Israel and abroad

Export company Shareholders against the remuneration of Zalman Shoval’s son

The preliminary outcome of the court hearing: The institutional bodies will determine the identity of non-executive director in the Luzon Group

Luzon vs. Edelsburg, third round: The appointment of non-executive director in the Luzon Group was thwarted.

Glock pistols won the shooting battle: overcame SIG Sauer in the police tender

The Nakash brothers and the Ampa Group are preparing for a legal battle with Bank Leumi

Dori Segal to Guy Gissin: I had no involvement in the issue of Urbancorp

Court: it cannot be determined within a class action if Easy Forex violated the law

Ilan Ben-Dov against Bank Leumi: They extorted me and caused me hundreds of millions of shekels in damages

The 2.5 billion NIS law suit against Leviev was dismissed with prejudice